Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm busy now doing some bookmarks for my friend Dana who just turned 18. I was one of the 18 books but unfortunately I failed to attend her debut party because of some reason. So to compensate I made bookmarks for her books, because I know she loves to read books.

The bookmarks are made from recycled things again, and I printed some of her pictures before and during her debut party then printed on a card stack using my adobe photoshop. I will post the pictures of the finished project one of this days.

Happy reading!!! ^_~


Sunday, April 3, 2011


This is my first ever blog here and i thought of blogging about my project when I was still in elementary.  This was my project in sewing, although a lot of you-tubers were posting their tutorials I just want to reminisce the old times and I want to thank them for reminding me again.

I will show you how i made the Blue one.

1. gather all materials needed. 1) fabric,
     2) scissor, 3) glue stick 4) glue gun              
     5) thread and needle 6) Buttons/      
     beads/ brads.
2. cut the fabric in to your desired size (2").
3.  fold the fabric in half (lengthwise)
4. sew the fabric with running stitch   technique.

5. pull the thread until the fabric gets curly, sew the fabric util the two ends meet.
6. put hot glue behind the button or bead and stick it at the center of the flower. if you prefer to stitch the button it's also good.
7.  wallah!! you have already a handmade flower.

***the fabric that I used was a part of a blouse that I don't want to wear anymore.  So the price of the flower is only P6.00 (six pesos) just for the button.

hope you learned something from this post.. till next time!!

<3 joie xoxo