Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"FREEBIES" coming soon!

Hello Crafters!!

So now I'm working with my computer, editing and making some things that we can use as a printable.

>>>>    The first one is a patterned paper which has a lot of layered flowers, good for mini album, scrapbook, journals and cards. the colors are mixture of BROWN, PINK and  GREEN.  The color and the style is some kind of a vintage and a garden.  

>>>>  Other thing that I'm working on is the printables for journaling.The theme of the journaling papers are just like victorian/paris.  So girly!! Some of the designs are chandelier, royal chair and bird cage.

Just watch out for it, I might add more for you to have more free printable items!! I'm so excited to share it with you guys!!

Happy Craftin' ^_^

Friday, July 15, 2011

mini album for my guy

Hello crafters!! Next week will be my boyfriend's birthday so I decided to make a mini album/card for him.  I don't really have an idea how to make a mini album for a guy so I searched the youtube for some ideas but I can't find anything.  So I based this mini album from his personality and his "likes".

this mini album was made from tissue rolls.

I decided to make a vintage themed mini album and I added some vintage cars and the CAMARO car which he really love.  I also made some personalized tickets, Instead of putting other numbers on it I put his birth date and some words related to his birthday and us.

The papers that I used was from the NOSTALGIA and CELEBRATION keepsakes sheets of "all about scrap booking."  Some of it was made by me as what posted in my previous blog.  tickets were also made by me so if you want me to make a printable of it just leave a comment.

I also distressed the the edges of the album using the technique of distressing using poster/acrylic paint. The tags was also made by me just leave a comment for me to know if you want printables.

front page

2nd page with the camaro car and a vintage clock used as a pocket

tickets from the second page

3rd page: vintage car pocket

tags for journaling

mail box sticker for pocket

4th page: vintage canon cam and car used as a pocket

tickets in 4th page ( I *heart* U )

last page: mailbox and bird cage for packet purposes 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

vintage printables

Hi Crafters!
I will make a card for the birthday of my sweetheart and I've been researching how to make a card for a guy.  It's very difficult to find one so I just thought of an idea why not make a card which is vintage inspired, because he also loves vintage colors. 
so now I want to share with you some printable patterned paper for your cards, scrapbook or any craft.  This is for free all you need is your printer. 

Enjoy the designs and leave some comments for any suggestion, or anything that you want me to make (crafts, tutorial, printable )
Just **CLICK** the link below each picture to download the file.
happy crafting!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

distressing ink substitute

I came up with this idea after running out of distressing ink.  I am so addicted with this thing, Unfortunately I can't find distressing inks in our local stores here in our place so I need to think think think of an idea to replace my inks so here we go. enjoy watching!!

Happy Crafting!!
hugz joie!!

feel free to check out my youtube channe,subscribel and leave some comments coz it really makes my day.

Monday, July 4, 2011

flowers inspired by sacrafters

hey guys!! check this out!  I made a lot of flowers out of lace and ribbons and it was inspired by SaCrafters a youtuber.  watch it and be inspired also.

violet lace with a twirled cream rose  

red lace with a pink twirled rose

Red lace with cream twirled rose

pleated ribbon with a lace flower on top

blue/violet denim flower

black denim with a vintage lace

small pieces of lace and ribbon flowers

lil pieces of denim flowers

leave some comments below, suggestions are very much welcome.
happy crafting! 



Hey guys! so now I'm back in blogging and uploading videos in youtube.  After a month of no internet connection. 
this week I'll be posting tutorial video to show you some of my new projects, and I will also upload a video about a flower project that was inspired by sacrafters.  

Happy Scrapping!!!