Sunday, August 28, 2011

a walk in the park

Hello creative hands!

The tears of heaven licks my window pane.
The sound of raindrops is like a lullaby that makes me close my eyes again.
The cold weather invites me to lay down on my bed.

Everyday, there are so many things to celebrate. The rain with a lil' rays of sunshine, the mud on the road and the leaves that had fallen.

Twitter + facebook + Youtube + scrapbook = perfect Sunday
Let me show you what I did during the stormy day and night.

I made those denim flowers

I made these tickets
If you want me to post the printable tickets here and make a tutorial about the denim flower just leave a message below.

Thank you for reading!

happy crafting!

Peace be still

Good morning dark clouds!

Stormy night is over, Typhoon Mina spared us from its wrath. Thank you God for saving us.

I woke up this morning with a cold weather and a sound of raindrops from our neighbor's roof (we are in a condominium building).  It makes me want to close my eyes again and go to sleep, but I remembered my camera.  I went out from our unit and took some snapshots at the back of our building to see what happened last night.

Dark surroundings, due to the absence of sunshine

Waters are every where! There were mud on the road, pweh! Some of the vegetables of our neighbors were also destroyed. :( Students can't roam around even though it's a long week end for them.

Despite of the uncomfortable situation we still Thank God for bringing rain at least we're not suffering from El Ñiño.

Have a safe and happy long weekend everyone!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Digital Scrapbooking

Hello crafters!

I just want to share with you the things that I'm doing this past few days (aside from preparing for my board exam).  I opened my account in twitter and I've been using it for quite some time.  I followed some crafters there who are really talented and amazing.  Then I found out about daisy trail, I followed their page in facebook and ask question about how to start digital scrapbooking and what software is needed, fortunately they answered my question quickly and gave me the link of there website and their tutorial videos in Youtube.

I admit it I'm already hooked to it ^_^ the software is so nice you can even download some kits which contains embelishments, backgrounds, frame, materials and more.  The best part of this is the software and the kits are completely FREE!!! Yeah you read it right its FREE!!

I really enjoyed exploring the software and if I didn't know something, I just post questions in their facebook page and they answers very quickly, the tutorial video is also a big help for me.If you are using adobe photoshop the software will be easier for you because it has similar principle with the photoshop.

Let me show you some of the pages that I made while exploring the software.

This page is made from mother's day kit and some other embelishments from valentines

This is my very first page using the summer craft artist kit

I hope you guys will give it a try in making digital scrapbook, if you are not yet "in" to it. 

WARNING: digital scrapbooking is very addictive ^_^

If this blog helped you please leave a comment below and share also your page.  Leave me your blog link so that I can also visit yours.

Happy Crafting!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

websites that I love!!

Hello bloggers! So today I'm going to share with you some of my favorite websites which help me in blogging, photography, travel and specially in scrapbooking.  I hope you'll love them too.  ( I am not paid for this I just want to share these with you guys )

1. Scrapbookpresentations
  •  In this website you will find some great printables for your scrapbook pages.  They are categorize in terms of their kind so it is easier for you to find what you are looking for. They also have free fonts.

2. Mrprintables

  • This site has a lot to offer.  Perfect for family scrapbook ideas.  They even have printables that you can use for your child's learning process. 

3. Kevinandamanda
  • This site is AMAZING!! It really helped me a lot in blogging, scrapbooking and even in photography.  They are offering FREE fonts that you can install in your laptop that you can use in your scrapbook.  They even have massive tutprials for all your needs.

  • They have free printables, they share so much ideas to make better scrapbook/cards/tags.  Their products are also good.

5. Everything-about-scrapbooking
  • The best tips for scrapbooking that I found, specially for beginners like me.  Go check it out and you'll never regret. 

6. scrapbookscrapbook
  • Some of the papers that I used in my TP roll project are from here. I had so much fun in browsing this site, the papers are categorize nicely and it is so easy to download and print. This is really my favorite site.

7. Lakwatsera de Primera
  • The best site about traveling! I really really love it! This site inspired me to explore places specially those places that are in remote areas.  They offer tips on how to go to a place safely and cheaper.

8. Making Handmade Cards
  • I love this site! after subscribing to this site I receive a newsletter that contains free printable and a video tutorial.  The subscription is completely free! You just need an email add and a password and woolah your free printable will be sent to you!

That's it my favorite websites.  If you guys have favorite websites too, post your blog link here and I will also visit your blog!  Thank you for reading!


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Our Lady Lourdes Grotto

Hello crafters! Let's take a break from crafting and let me show you some of my pictures during my adventure in Baguio City.
August 8, 2011 when we went to baguio city just to look for an apartment for our review.  After inquiring we decided to visit the grotto, even though we are not catholic we just want to visit and take photos x)).

From Sison Pangasinan we rode a bus with an ordinary fare of  P50-60.00 and we travelled for almost an hour.
From the bus terminal we rode a taxi going to lower lourdes with a fare of P68.00.
If you want to go to baguio and your from manila you can ride some air-conditioned bus that has a BAGUIO sign.
without any further ado these are the pictures!

view from the top

My travel buddies: Vinz, merl, and julius

this rocks are located at the hidden part of the place but when tourist saw us taking photos here they waited and also took pictures! xD

Just in front of us are the people praying that's why the place is so silent, even though we are not catholic we were also silent to give respect for the people praying. 

this part of the place is restricted area

If you have any travel experience or tips please dont hesitate to share it with me and leave me a comment for me to visit your blog.

For any other information about this place just leave a message and I'll try my best to answer your concerns!

Have a safe travel! 


Hi crafters! here it is as I promise.  Just print this with your printer.  Take note that those design that has white background you can use any color of paper that you want as a background.

Comment below or request.

just click the NAME of the design to download your printables!

The following designs are for 8x11 paper

black floral

Blue musical notes

blue vignette notes

blue/white music notes

silhouette fairy
you can use this design as a cut out but if you prefer it as a background it can work also 
flower and notes

The following designs are for 12x12 paper.

circles 12x12

urban flower white 12x12

urban pink flower 12x12

leave me a message or link if you will use my designs so that I can check out also your blog or any of your accounts.  Happy crafting!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

TP roll card and tags

Today is my friend's birthday (frances)!! She saw some of my works in my facebook account and requested me to make something for her.  I don't know what to do.  But after how many days of thinking of an idea, I came up with a TP roll Card and Tags again.  I thought that she can use it not only as a card from me but also as a bookmark that she can use in her books, especially now that we are facing our Nursing Licensure Review.

I made the card so simple to give space for writing and the tags were left blank for her to write her favorite quotations or stick some pictures that may inspire her.

The front cover was decorated with a dress form that I made with denim and a bow and gold flower and a sticker that says wish.  I hope that she will love this one and you guys will be inspired also in recycling and reusing things.

Just discover the creative side of your self and you'll see that sky is the limit.

Happy Crafting!

Front cover with dress form gold flower and sticker (wish)

Two stars spce for birthday message

Inside view, left side: lorecen's message, right side: pocket for the 2 stars

Back: Covered with blue musical notes

Four Tags with flowers and ribbons