Thursday, May 10, 2012

During Your Trip

Summer isn't over yet and some of you are still planning to go on a trip.  I just want to share with you some tips on how to have a memorable vacation.

  1.  Save your boarding pass (if you took a plane) or your train or bus tickets, maps,fliers, receipts, newpaper clippings, a small amount of y in the local currency or any piece of evidence that proves you actually went to that destination.
  2. List down the names of the places you visited as a well as their locations.  At the end of the day write about what you did, what you saw and any other interesting tidbits about the place.  If you don't list them down now, chances are, you'll forget them later.
  3. Learn the language of the country or town you're visiting.  Jot down common phrases such as "hello" "good morning" and "thank you" in the local dialect.  While you're there use them as much as possible while talking to the locals.
  4. Take lots of pictures!  Don't limit yourself to just taking photos of yourself and the sites--everyone has those. Instead, also take pictures of the people, the food, the clothes--immerse yourself in their culture as much as you can!  Then when you write your journal entry about the delicious local dessert you had at that small resto in the town, you'll have a picture to go with it. 
  5. Buy a small token or souvenir from each place you visit such as key chain, magnet or t-shirt.  You can even start your own collection of tokens from all places you visit in the future. 
Watch out for my next blog post "After your trip"
So that's it! I hope you got some ideas on how to save your memories for a life time.
Watch out for my "BEFORE THE TRIP" post.
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