Monday, September 5, 2011

tips for scrapbook hauling

I've been doing scrapbook since 2009 and I know how it feels when you need to sacrifice some of your allowance just to buy new stuffs for your scrapbook, especially when you're still a student like me.  We are all aware that scrapbooking stuffs like the embelishments, papers and tools are so expensive and you really need to save money if you are planning to buy some new stuffs.

For this reason I have some tips for you on how you can get a cheaper scrapbook stuffs without compromising the quality.

1.Check list

  • Go to your craft room/area, list all the materials that you needed specially those necessary things that are running out.  Bring the list with you during shopping, in this way you can avoid buying unnecessary things. 
2. Sale
  • Wait for the sale or Mid year sale for a bigger discount.  Malls offer up to 70% off in every product they have.  A saleslady even told me that when they have new products, old products tend to be on sale.  
3. Changge/local stores
  • Don't forget to check your local stores or changge (as we call it here in P.I) and curtain/fabric stores.  You just don't know that they sell good qualities of fabrics, laces, trims and even buttons that you can use as an embelishment in your scrapbook page. 
4. Don't just look at the price
  •  Before putting the "thing" in your cart paused for a second and think.  "do you need it?" "Do you have plans for it?" Don't just grab everything which is on sale even if you have the money, because you might end up wasting your money with the unusable product that you purchased.
5. Check the Quality
  • This is very important, take note that if it is not season of sale sometimes they are just putting products on sale because there is something wrong with it.  Before purchasing it be sure that you had checked the quality and sure that it is still functioning specially on scrapbook tools.
6. Be Friendly
  • Make friends with the saleslady or even with the owner of the store.  If you are their regular customer and a friend of the owner, specially on small stores they might give you discounts.  You can also request them to notify you if they have products that are on sale.
7. Get testers
  • If you are fond of using lace or fabrics.  It is better for you to buy maybe a yard to use as a tester, and if you love the end product of the fabric tester you can already buy it in a bulk so that you will not waste your money buying massive fabrics and at the end of the day you don't know what to do with those.
8. List of Contacts
  • It is also good if you have friend connected with your interest.  Follow their blogs, subscribe to their youtube, follow them on twitter and add them in facebook. In this way you can also get ideas where to shop or order goodies with good quality and good price.  
9. Yard/Garrage Sale
  • looking for a cheap price? This is the perfect place for you!  You can find things here that you can use in your scrapbook.  if you are here in this Philippines, I know this thing is not popular and very rare, so what you need to look for is an "UKAY-UKAY".  There is a place I found in Baguio that sells tools and other things even ribbons and laces and they are really in a good price.  Just explore your place.
  • The secret of buying a good product is saving money.  If you want something save money for it, so that you will not compromise your home budget or your allowance.  Don't rush on buying what you want, buy what you need and not what you want.  Always remember "The best thing in life is worth waiting for". 

Tell me what you think and leave a comment below.  Happy crafting and shopping!

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