Monday, February 27, 2012

Outdoor Travel In Antong Falls

The Philippines offers a wide variety of enjoyable activities for local and international visitors. For example, there are thousands of waterfalls in the Philippines that are ideal locations for adventure trekking, picnics and other forms of individual or group adventure travel.
The Antong Falls (a.k.a Seven Falls) in Sison, Pangasinan is one of the most exciting Philippine tourist attractions. Tourists regularly visit this popular adventure travel location because it provides them with a relaxing experience and a chance to encounter the overwhelming beauty of nature.
On the way to Antong Falls

Enjoying the beauty of nature
 This fascinating falls in the Philippines can be found about 10 kilometers away from the town proper of Sison, Pangasinan. The province of  Pangasinan is known for producing salt and fresh water fish as well as a haven for oyster and sea urchin farms. Of course, it is also the home province of the Antong Falls and other outdoor adventure travel destinations.
Lowest part of the falls.

Tourist who are on the lookout for an ideal place for picnics and outdoor recreation will not be disappointed if they head out to the Antong Falls. The enchanting falls rapids down a basin on a mountainside. It overlooks a flourishing landscape of forest cover and rice fields so visitors will be able to enjoy a great view in the course of their outdoor adventure travel.

Second Falls

How To Get There

So how can one visit this majestic falls in the Philippines? Well, interested tourists can take the buses from  from Manila that go to La Union and Ilocos. They can then disembark in the town of Manaoag in Pangasinan after a trip that lasts around 6 hours.  It's quite a long trip but it's is well worth the travel. 
Tourist will pass through the verdant fields of Pangasinan as they journey to this premiere outdoor adventure travel destination. This experience will provide them with a glimpse of the Filipino farmers' way of life and help them appreciate the hard work that goes into raising crops.
The fatigue and boredom that accumulate on the trip to this wonderful falls in the Philippines will quickly disappear once the tourist view the refreshing sight of Antong Falls. The cool flowing water and the beauty of this group adventure travel location will wash away all the worries of the visitors.

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