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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pugad Adventure

Warning: Loaded with pictures!

It's Holy week and most of the people are hitting on the road to go to their own destinations.  Some might go to the beach, some in resorts, museum,  or even go amusement parks,  to relax their tired body from the hectic schedules from work or school.

Holy Thursday and we are so bored. We are looking for some kind of Adventure that can kindle our sleeping spirit.  the best getaway for this time is: the PUGAD ADVENTURE


There are massive activities that are offered in this place.  Surely These activities will bring out the brave and wild side of you.

1. Zip Lines - There are three stations for Ziplines, the first station is 300 meters above the verdant fields, trees and clean rivers located at the heart of the village Kagaling. They call it "The Superman.  The 2 stations left are lower than the first one. 

2.  Rappelling / Wall Climbing

3. All Trail vehicle (ATV)

4.  Run down

5.  Swimming

6. Giant Swing
7.  Horse Back riding 

How to get there

Since we are just from Sison, Pangasinan, it only took  us for about 30 minutes travel (private/public car)

If you are from Manila, just go straight to the first town of La Union (Rosario).  Be sure to enter the Marcos Highway heading to Baguio city.  the Place is very easy to find.  You will see the town of Pugo and after 10-15minutes you may be able to see the sign of Pugad Adventure.  


Entrance fee(inclusive use of pools)
Adult            Php150
Kids             Php 100

Kubo (cottages)                         Capacity                                      Rate

  • *Small                                             10                                       Php 500
  • *Medium                                         15                                       Php 800
  • *Medium w/ Room                          10                                       Php 800
  • *Small Up & Down                         15                                       Php  1,000
  • *Up & Down                                   25                                      Php 1,500
  • *Tree House                                    30                                      Php 2,000
  • *Rock House                                   30                                      Php 2,000
  • *Long Kubo                                    50                                      Php 3,000
  • *Long Kubo Up & Down                70                                      Php 4,000

Zip Line Packages

Pacakage 1: Php1,000 per  person

  • 3 zip lines
  • Rappelling
  • Wall Climbing 
Package 2: Php 500 per person
  • Zip Line third station
  • rappelling
  • Wall climbing
Package 3: Php 850 per person
  • 3 Zip Lines
Individual Rates: 
  • Zip Line 1 Php 400 
  • Zip Line 2 Php 250
  • Zip Line 3  Php 250 
  • ATV  Php350
  • Giant Swing  Php250
  • Rappelling  Php 150
  • Wall Climbing  Php150
  • Run Down  Php 250
  • Horse Back Riding  Php 350/Hour

Room for 2                     Php 3,500

TRAVELER'S INN ( Located in the Town of Pugo)

Room for 2                      Php 1,000 (Pugad Guest)
                                       Php 1,200 (none Pugad guest)

Rooms                                                     Capacity                                                   Rates
#1                                                                 4                                                     Php 2,400
#2                                                                 4                                                     Php 2,400
#3                                                                 4                                                     Php 2,400
#4                                                                 5                                                     Php 2,600
#5                                                                 5                                                     Php 2,600
#6                                                                 6                                                     Php 2,800
#11                                                               6                                                     Php 2,800
#12                                                               6                                                     Php 2,800
#7                                                                 8                                                     Php 3,600
#8                                                                 9                                                     Php 4,000
#9                                                                 9                                                     Php 4,000
#10                                                               9                                                     Php 4,000

Location: Sitio Kagaling, palina Pugo, La Union, Phil.
Contact numbers: 
Email Adress:
Payment via bank is accepted:
Account name: Pugo Adventure
Account # 3887388009507


  • costumers with reservations should arrive on or before 11 A.M, after the said time, reservations will be forfeited.
  • Proper swimming attire is strictly enforced. Denim (maong) or cotton materials are not allowed.
  • Smoking, alcoholic drinks and bringing in of pets are strictly prohibited.
Traveller's Inn contact number:

Travel safely.  toddles!

Watch my other travel videos on my youtube channel HERE

Photos by:
Mia Loreal Joie M. Caabay
Pugo Adventure