Sunday, May 8, 2011

summer trip!!

This past few days our family was so busy touring around places.  Last monday we went to Ilocos Norte (pagudpod, Burgos, and Bangui) to visit some historical and beautiful places out there.  We really enjoyed the trip.  that day we woke up at 4 a.m and prepared our foods.  We left our house around 5:30 a.m.  Around 8 a.m we were already in Ilocos Norte we but passed on some historical places in other towns of the province because our real destination is PAGUDPOD which is the last town of the province.  

First Stop:
While heading to our destination we experience some inconvenience on the road particularly to BURGOS.  It was so hot that time so I looked up and intended to whistle but I saw something on the mountain, I remembered my itinerary  that in that place there is a historical LIGHT HOUSE.  Then I realized the thing up there was the CAPE BOJEADOR LIGHT HOUSE.  so I told my father to drive our van up there.  
Cape Bojeador Light House

this is the view on the mountain before climbing the stairs of the light house.

this is the stairs going up to the Light house, this is a 42 steps stairs.

this is the history of the light house

one of the windows of the room /house below the light house.

Second Stop: Electric power project - WINDMILL Bangui, Ilocos Norte
The town after Burgos is Bangui in which the electric project which is the windmill is located.  to be exact the project was located at Purok Bantoc, Bangui, Ilocos Norte.  The road going there is 2.5 km rough road from the high way.  when you got in there you will experience a very nice view of the beach with a little bit larger size of sand.  there are 20 post of windmills at the sea shore.  these windmills are used in producing electricity in the province of Ilocos Norte.  

 20 posts of wind mills

Third Stop: Pagudpod Beach (boracay of the North)
Pagudpod is the last town of the province.  The beach is 6 kilometers away from the arc of the town.  The town itself is called inner town of Ilocos Norte because it is not situated along the high way.  We went to the municipal beach resort.  There is an entrance fee: P20.00 (twenty pesos)  for adult, P16.00 (sixteen pesos) for student, and P10.00 (ten pesos)  for children.  If you want you can also get a cottage for only P150.00 (one hundred fifty pesos). 
When we get in there I experienced the serenity of the place, as if I was in the other dimension of the world.  The water was very inviting, it was so clear.  The sand was so white and fine, it is like the iodized salt in the market.  The wind in there was not so hot but not so cold.  Everything was PERFECT!!
We ate our lunch there and we really enjoyed eating our simple lunch because of the place.  They have also changge (small stores) for souvenirs.  I bought key chains (shell), coin purse (coconut shell), T-shirt, bangles (shell/coconut shell), wrist watch (coconut shell) and other accessories. Beside the souvenir stores there is a small store that sells Halo-halo.  we bought some and taste it, it was good and it made us feel better because of its coldness. 

Fourth Stop: Kapurpurawan - Burgos, Ilocos Norte
when we were heading south (going home).   We passed by the light house again and we were looking for KAPURPURAWAN.  We saw some men sitting beside the high way and we asked about the direction and to our dismay they said we already passed the place and we were already 5-6 km away.  My father was having doubt if we will go back our just continue our travel going home, then I said our purpose here is to see the beautiful place here so let's go back.  Due to ignorance we ask 2 more man about the direction, then before asking the third man I saw the very small tarpaulin heading to Kapurpurawan.  
Brgy. Ablan, Burgos, Ilocos Norte.  The road going there  was 3.1 km rough road from the highway. While on our way we were imagining things (there might be cannibals there ^_^) and we were laughing about the ideas, then I said I think there is none because there were prints of car's wheel on the road.  When we get there we're looking for people.  We saw a van and a man (the caretaker).  We ask him where to find the cite.  We walk again for about 800 meters of a rocky road and imagine it was 2 in the afternoon and it was so freakin' hot!! But the pain and hardships are worth it because of the very nice view.  We saw a big WHITE rock!  It was very shiny! They said that the rock was a former mountain and through the years the wind formed it as a big White rock.  Beside and behind the rock was an ocean, infront of it was small white rocks also and some other rocks with flowing water.  
If you want to go there I recommend you to go there early in the morning or in the afternoon before sunset for a better walk and better ambiance.  

The whole tour was short because we lack out of time.  I'm still planning to return to Ilocos Norte and visit some other places like the Juan Luna Shrine, Paoay lake and Paoay church, The Malacanang of the north and the Marcos Shrine. 

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  1. Wow that looks like an amazing trip. you sure packed alot in that beach omg i wanna jump in so beautiful and inviting we are just heading in to winter in nz and im already over it lol
    take care sweetie