Monday, March 26, 2012

Graduation Card

It's March and graduation is just around the corner.  Everybody's getting emotional these days specially those who are graduating,because they will be separated from their friends and classmates.  Arrrrghh! It reminds me of my graduation last year.  I know they will also miss their school life, like what I felt.

Since some of my friend in college are graduating, I  decided to make a card  to greet them congratulations and to give some pieces of inspiration.  I was inspired to make a toga cap as a card to give a touch of uniqueness.

These cards has blue tassels because I will give these to my friends who took up education, just like their tassels in their real toga.

I used lace and button for this flower.

I don't know what kind of embellishment to put, that's why I made tickets to make it personalize.

I up-cycled an old denim to make this flower and added a button as a center.

These cards are for my friends who took up nursing, the reason why I used green as tassel to reflect their real tassel from their toga.

Enjoy R.N, to give an inspiration as they continue their journey in facing  their Nursing Licensure Exam to become a registered nurse.

I used a satin ribbon for this flower and a pearl for the center.

I hope you got  an inspiration from this cards.  Try it and you can even alter it.
Congratulations to class 2012!
Happy crafting! Till next time.

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