Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What To Do Before Your Trip

These are the things that you need to know before heading off around the world.  Getting organized can be daunting.  i've come up with this list of hanDy tips to make your trip the best ever!

1. Suitcases vs Backpacks
If you're travelling for more than six months,backpack is a better choice because it will ne easier to walk around.  If you're only going for a couple of months and you hate carrying stuffs at your back then settle to suitcase.

Always travel as light as you  can.  But be sure to carry inflatable pillows, socks for the plane and baby wipes to freshen up.

3. Read information about your trip
the dos and don'ts, transport, weather (to know what garments to bring)

4.  Check your cards
call your bank and tell them you're going on a trip so your funds do not get cancelled while you are travelling.  Bring extra cash.

5. Get healthy
Acquire medical advice from your doctor.  He might also advise you to be vaccinated if you need to.  It's better to be safe  than sorry.

6. Snaphots 101
Don't forget about your camera.  Make sure memory card/s are big enough to store your snaps and bring extra batteries, you don't want your camera dying at the underground river.

7. Transportation
Riding on a bus or train when you're travelling is your cherished rest time so use your luggage to your advantage.  Your suitcase is a good sit in a crowded bus and your backpack is a good pillow.  Doing this wil also ensure safety on your belongings.

8. Dictionary
A phrase book or a dictionary can really save your life specially when you are lost to ask for directions.

9.  Foods
Food is charming but it can get expensive.  If you're eating out, eat inside instead of sitting on the sidewalk (with extra charge in Europe).  Make sure to bring a pocket knife so you can eat fruits on the go.

10.  Live life to the fullest!
Last but not the least,it is important to get out of your comfort zone (try exotic foods) to enjoy your trip.

That's it! Have a safe trip!

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