Saturday, August 13, 2011


Hi crafters! here it is as I promise.  Just print this with your printer.  Take note that those design that has white background you can use any color of paper that you want as a background.

Comment below or request.

just click the NAME of the design to download your printables!

The following designs are for 8x11 paper

black floral

Blue musical notes

blue vignette notes

blue/white music notes

silhouette fairy
you can use this design as a cut out but if you prefer it as a background it can work also 
flower and notes

The following designs are for 12x12 paper.

circles 12x12

urban flower white 12x12

urban pink flower 12x12

leave me a message or link if you will use my designs so that I can check out also your blog or any of your accounts.  Happy crafting!

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