Saturday, August 13, 2011

Our Lady Lourdes Grotto

Hello crafters! Let's take a break from crafting and let me show you some of my pictures during my adventure in Baguio City.
August 8, 2011 when we went to baguio city just to look for an apartment for our review.  After inquiring we decided to visit the grotto, even though we are not catholic we just want to visit and take photos x)).

From Sison Pangasinan we rode a bus with an ordinary fare of  P50-60.00 and we travelled for almost an hour.
From the bus terminal we rode a taxi going to lower lourdes with a fare of P68.00.
If you want to go to baguio and your from manila you can ride some air-conditioned bus that has a BAGUIO sign.
without any further ado these are the pictures!

view from the top

My travel buddies: Vinz, merl, and julius

this rocks are located at the hidden part of the place but when tourist saw us taking photos here they waited and also took pictures! xD

Just in front of us are the people praying that's why the place is so silent, even though we are not catholic we were also silent to give respect for the people praying. 

this part of the place is restricted area

If you have any travel experience or tips please dont hesitate to share it with me and leave me a comment for me to visit your blog.

For any other information about this place just leave a message and I'll try my best to answer your concerns!

Have a safe travel! 

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